Photobook 2016: Photography and the Everyday

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In a time when the global publishing industry is in dire straits and the book in its physical form is threatened by digits, the photobook seems to be going through a revival. That is partly due to the very technologies that initially appeared to be threatening the physical existence of the photo book: digital technologies which provided unprecedented possibilities/opportunities for self or commercial publishing. Laying out and producing zines, photobook dummies, home-made photobooks, print-on-demand publications and the like have never been easier. As a result, the photobook is currently flourishing. At the same time, the photobook often comes through as one of the most democratic and accessible arts mediums as it allows ownership of art in a physical form by a wide and varied audience.

Acknowledging and responding to the expanding impulse to create, disseminate and own photobooks, as well as to its potential as a democratic medium, NiMAC (Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre—Associated with the Pierides Foundation) and IAPT (International Association of Photography and Theory) are pleased to announce a special themed photobook exhibition as part of the 4th International Conference of Photography and Theory (ICPT 2016).

Download a PDF file of the full call here.

Selected books:

  • A Sudden Drop, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Multinational Enterprises

  • A winter' s tale, Mattia Vacca, Delicious Editions

  • All Our Yesterdays. Life through the lens of Europe’s first photographers (1839-1939), Europeana Photography Project/Photoconsortium – International Consortium for Photographic Heritage. Europeana Photography Project

  • An Authentic Relation, Marianne Bjørnmyr, YONA Editions

  • City of Dust, Lewis Bush, Self Published

  • coisas de lá / aqui já está sumindo eu [things from there / here I am already fading away], Ana Gandum, Piseagrama

  • Czarna Madonna (Black Madonna), Jagoda Wisniewska, Self Published

  • DDSBs, John Darwell, mynewtpress

  • Demarcation, Thomas Nicolaou, Self Published

  • DUST: Egypt's Forgotten Architecture, Xenia Nikolskaya, Dewi Lewis Publishing

  • Ebifananyi 1. The Photographer, Deo Kyakulagira, Deo Kyakulagira, Andrea Stultiens, HIPUganda / Paradox

  • Ebishushani 2. People Poses Places, Musa Katuramu, Musa Katuramu, Rumanzi Canon, Andrea Stultiens, HIPUganda / Paradox

  • Ebishushani 3. All the Tricks, Elly Rwakoma, Elly Rwakoma, Rumanzi Canon, Andrea Stultiens, HIPUganda / Paradox

  • FT Over-Print, Elisabeth Stoney, GV Editions

  • Homes Sweet Homes, Sophia Tolika, Self Published

  • In Place of Memory, Linda Maria Thompson, Teg Publishing

  • Museutopia- A Photographic Research, Ilya Rabinovich, Alauda Publications

  • Not provided, Yatromanolakis Yorgos, Self Published

  • Out West, Kyler Zeleny, The Velvet Cell

  • Perintö Legacy, Tekla Inari, Aalto ARTS Books

  • Still Life Series: Photographic Reminiscence, Constanti Marianna, Self Published

  • Still Life, Steven Beckly, Self Published

  • T, Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan, Forlaget Sød tøs

  • The little things, Sara Ho Shi Ning, Self Published

  • Τίποτε προσωπικό / Nothing Personal, Yiannis Pantelidis, University Studio Press S.A.