IAPT PRESS IS A NEWLY FORMED INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING HOUSE BASED IN CYPRUS, established by the International Association of Photography and Theory (IAPT) in 2018. IAPT Press aims to contribute effectively and innovatively to the advancement and dissemination of contemporary photography and theory by promoting:

  • theoretical works that engage with a broad and diverse spectrum of photographic discourses and debates

  • artistic practices that use photography as a primary medium

our interests

IAPT Press is interested in experimental publishing proposals that further challenge the boundaries and possibilities of photography, its practices and material applications. IAPT Press is also interested in various publishing forms such as books and monographs; edited volumes, exhibition catalogues, artists’ books and collectors’ editions, and keeps an open mind towards new and innovative publishing models.

our process

Our publishing projects are handled as unique objects, supervised by an experienced team of researchers, academics, artists and book designers. Publications are individually designed from concept through to completion. All aspects of our books—content, design and book materiality—receive equal consideration, but we are particularly interested in exploring the interdisciplinary nature of emerging publishing practices.


Artemis Eleftheriadou, Publisher & Designer