IAPT Membership

IAPT Membership

from 30.00

It is our pleasure to announce that the International Association of Photography and Theory (IAPT), a non-profit, academic-oriented association, is now accepting individual memberships. Our goal is to bring closer together a growing community of researchers and practitioners from diverse fields of study who share a common interest in photography, its theory and practice.

Membership Benefits

  • Members receive a 10% discount on ICPT biannual conferences registration. You must have a valid paid membership for the year of the conference in order to receive the conference discount.

  • Members receive significant discounts on any IAPT or ICPT publications and select books. IAPT members also receive a 30% discount on individual subscriptions to the journal photographies.

  • Members are admitted for free or receive a discount on regional workshop and lecture registration fees.

Membership Fees

  • €50 for two years. Includes a 10% discount on conference registration fees and 30% off any subscription to photographies journal.

  • Students, local researchers/artists, and retired or transitioning professionals may become members for €30.

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